If you’re a Business sponsoring an event

Given the right event setting, our paintable/colorable murals are an excellent sponsorship activation and experiential marketing activity.  Bring a mural when you sponsor a Community Festival, use it to accent your Promotional Events, or bring a mural along on your Mobile Marketing Tour.

Product Recommendations

Single-Use Tarp
These make sense if you don't want a mural that you save and reuse.  They're the best choice if you want to display a mural after an event, either in your office, or in your retail space.  We've heard of these being displayed after an event inside a car dealer, a grocery store, an office supply store, etc.  It's a great way to tell the community "hey, we're involved!"

Rollable Wipeable Tarp
These make sense if you'd like to get one mural to use at many events through the year.  Works with Crayola Brand Washable Markers, or Crayola Brand Washable Paint, and wipes with water and sponge.

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Single Use Paper
These make sense only in situations where you have a wall to put a mural on, and also where you don't need the mural to be in one piece after the event (the Single Use Paper is printed in sections).

Table-Size Coloring Sheets
These make sense when you need a smaller or easier-to-manage activity.  These are about the size of 8' rental tables, and work with crayons.  They roll up small for easy transport and storage.

Thoughts on How to Use Them

It's a Warm-And-Fuzzy, All-Ages, Highly-Visual, High-Throughput Activity

Our murals make for a really warm-and-fuzzy activity area, just like you'd expect looking at the pictures. Kids love the scale of the painting area, and parents forget how relaxing it is to pick up a paint brush. It's low-stress for the adults - you're not asking them to be creative - and they think it's pretty clever of you to have such an activity. And you'll be surprised at how many other age groups are attracted to this---you'll get teens and seniors as well.

Most of all, you'll love the it's "stickyness" factor--that people stick around long enough for product pitches, samples, etc. When you have the parent's attention, it's great to have something that will truly keep the kids from tugging on their parent's arm to leave.

Our Customization and Your Messaging

Starting in 2022, we're limiting our customization somewhat.  We still have hundreds of designs and themes available, and can customize your mural with logos and huge text headlines to trumpet your messaging. 

We can do some basic mixing and matching of characters between designs—pick a design and you can tell us a few characters to remove, and what characters from other designs to bring in.  We can also do basic new illustration.  We can draw some new characters/buildings to swap into your designs—characters using your product, your brand mascot/character, or a recognizable building.

Company Parties and Internal Meetings

We at the Monster Mural go "way back" with company parties. They're a natural fit, when you need lots of big activities that can accommodate a lot of people during the four or six-hour run of your party. Most company parties are fine with a stock design, and just a customized text headline.

If you have a wall to put a mural on, consider our Single Use Paper material, as it's out most economical Wall-Size mural. Or consider our Single Use Tarp, with a stand rental, if your event is in a field and you need it to be free-standing. Or consider our Table Size Coloring Sheets for a smaller, more economical activity.