If you’re a Parks & Recreation Dept

A mural works well for Parks & Recreation Departments in so many ways.  You need big, fun activities for your community events, summer camps, day care, after-school programs—and in some communities, a mobile recreation unit.  Some of our clients tell us they share the mural--and the cost--between several departments.

Product Recommendations

Rollable Wipeable Plastic
This is the most common Wall-Size mural for Parks & Rec departments.  Go with this when you have several different community events in different parts of town (it's much easier to move around than the Rigid Plastic).  We have a stand for it that we rent or sell to make it free-standing.

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Single Use Paper
This makes sense for your big community festivals, but note that the Single Use Paper needs a wall to put it on (see the Single Use Tarp if you need something free-standing).  You can also use one of these for your entire Summer Camp season---perhaps giving each week it's own section of the mural, so you get a final product at the end of the summer.

Single Use Tarp
This also makes sense for your big community festivals, but this option can be free-standing with the use of our stand.  This might also make sense for your Summer Camps, but only if you need this heavier, one-piece material, otherwise the more economical Single Use Paper might make more sense.

Table-Size Coloring Sheets
These are our most common product with Parks & Rec departments.  They work really well at summer camps, as well as your smaller community events.  These are about the size of 8' rental tables, and work well with crayons.  Keep a bunch in the closet to pull out whenever you need them.  They take quite a lot of participation to finish, and note that you can also flip them over to have 15 square feet of free coloring space.

Thoughts on How to Use Them

Use it for Community Special Events

A mural is an excellent activity for your large special events where you need to bring in extra activities (like July 4th events, Spring/Fall Festivals, Street Fairs, Cultural Festivals, etc.) It's big and colorful, can accommodate hundreds of participants through the day, and brings a nice warm-and-fuzzy feeling to your event site.

We can tailor the mural design with the wording/messaging that your Parks & Recreation Department is trying to get across—whether that be healthy eating, water safety, come use the new bike trail system, etc.  We have hundreds of stock designs ready to go.  Starting in 2022, we only offer limited mixing and matching between designs, and limited new illustration of characters or buildings.

Use it for Summer Camps

One of our big Wall-Size murals can be a great long-term activity for your summer camps. You could use one of our big Single-Use Murals over the entire summer--perhaps designating sections of the mural for each week of camp to complete. Or consider a smaller Wipeable mural that you could wipe off and restart every few days.

We also have our Table Size Coloring Sheets, our most popular product for camps. These are smaller---about the size of 8' Rental Tables, relatively inexpensive, and easy to just throw out on a table at a moments notice.

Do You Also Have Day Care Areas?

Consider a small Rigid Wipeable mural for a Day Care area, where you could use Crayola Brand Washable Markers and wipe off to start fresh each day. (Warning! Crayons do not wipe off, so you'd need to keep it separate from your crayon coloring areas.)

Our Table Size Coloring Sheets would also be a nice activity to keep around. Since day care would have fewer kids than community events or camps, our Table Sheets would last a VERY long time. You could pull one out and have coloring time every week or so. And remember you also have the blank back side for free coloring!

Use it in General Common Areas

If you have a well-supervised common area where you'd like an activity, a Wipeable Mural might work well.

Do You Have a Mobile Recreation Unit?

If you have a mobile recreation unit, where you take recreation activities out to the community, this would be a nice addition, and a way to reinforce some of your themes (healthy eating, get outside and play, etc.)