Agritourism Farm or Family-Friendly Haunt

Our Wipeable murals are a fun, warm-and-fuzzy addition to your activities and events!  You'll get participants of all ages---kids, parents, teens and seniors---which create a really warm-and-fuzzy feeling around the activity.  A mural can accommodate hundreds of participants every day, and by wiping the mural down at the end of each day, you can start if fresh every day of this season.  It's a great activity for several years to come!

Product Recommendations

Rigid Wipeable Plastic
We suggest the Rigid Wipeable Plastic, because it's lifespan is longer than our Rollable Wipeable.  It ships in 4' wide sections, so you need a wall, tight fence, or a side of a building to mount it on.  We've also heard of fair and farm clients building a separate wall for it.  It works with Crayola Brand Washable Markers, or Crayola Brand Washable Paint, and wipes with water and sponge, or a garden-type hose.

Rollable Wipeable Plastic
We'd only suggest the Rollable Wipeable Plastic if you plan to move it around to several different locations, or put it up and take it down just for specific event weekends.  The Rollable Wipeable comes to you essentially in one piece, so it's convenient, but note that it actually takes MORE room to store that the Rigid, and likely will not last as long as the Rigid.

Table Size Coloring Sheets
We have many farms and corn mazes the opt for our Table Size Coloring Sheets.  It's a great activity that's simple to use.  Just put the Table Sheets down on 8' tables and put some crayons out.  Lots of people can color at a time, and it takes a LOT of participation to finish them.  You could put a couple out each weekend.  They're also GREAT to hang up after the event!

Thoughts on How to Use Them

Design & Customization

We have hundreds of stock designs---dozens of which feature farms and farm animals.  Starting in 2022, we only offer limited mixing and matching, where we can swap some characters/animals/buildings out for characters/animals/buildings in other designs.  We offer limited new illustration, where we can draw new elements to swap in.  We can place your mascot into the design--either using your graphic or having our illustrators draw the mascot, so they look like they fit right in.  And with all our designs, we'll include your full-color logos and headline text.


Do you have Christmas events on your grounds? A mural can help with your theming, and add great activity.

Mounting Considerations

Our recommendation for Farms & Haunts is to use our Rigid Wipeable Plastic, and mount it on a wall, tight fence, or side of a building on your grounds.  Many farms we've worked with have built their own wall for this.

The Rigid Wipeable Mural is delivered in 4 ft wide sections. You can easily drill small holes in the Rigid material where you need them. Use small screws to mount to the wall behind it. You can use adhesives, but then it's likely difficult to remove.

The photos show a mural on a stand, but note that our stand design isn't made for long-term outdoor use.

Indoor/Outdoor---Paint vs. Markers

Our murals work with Crayola Brand Washable Markers, or Crayola Brand Washable Paint. Most farms we work with use the Markers, as it's cleaner, easier to manage, cheaper than paint, and easier to clean off. (However, paint is a lot of fun if you'd like to do that every once in a while!)  If you're indoors, markers are likely your best option. Markers wipe off with water and sponge, or a hose if you have it. If you'd like to use it in an area where water can't hit the floor, you can, if you're careful, wipe it with sponge and trigger water spray bottle.

Staffing Considerations

Most farms we hear from use very minimal staffing to oversee the mural activity, they just have people working nearby who check in on it periodically. You want to keep people from using their own Sharpie-type markers.

Wiping It Down

Again, our Wipeable Murals work with Crayola Brand Washable Markers and Crayola Brand Washable Paint, and wipe off with just water and sponge, or a hose. We highly recommend wiping it off every day or every other day to avoid staining. We've had some Family Entertainment Centers and small Theme Parks who used it and wiped it every day get to 700 or so days. We don't recommend using any soaps or cleaning products. You can use a regular hose with a trigger sprayer, but DON'T use a pressure washer!

How Long Will It Last?

This varies, depending on how you use it, how you clean it, how you store it, and how much sun it gets. For the Rigid Plastic, we recommend cleaning it off at the end of every day, or at least every other day, to avoid residue buildup. We don't recommend leaving it out in the sun for extended periods. If you use it outdoors, try to use it in a shaded area, or at least out of direct sunlight, and put it in storage in your off-season.

We've had Family Entertainment Centers and small Theme Parks who used it and wipe it every day of the year, and have gotten 700 or so days of use. We have a Rigid Plastic client who used their mural 84 straight days every year, and used it for over a decade.

The Rollable Wipeable Plastic, however, will not have that longevity. The Rollable Plastic has adhesive joints that make it look like it's one continuous piece of material. But those adhesive joints aren't going to last forever---we're seeing life in the range of three to five years before seeing separation. Some clients have seen longer.  They aren't repairable once the joints separate.