Marketing Agency

When you have clients ask for a family-centered, warm-and-fuzzy experiential marketing idea, we're here to help.  We've worked directly with many national brands and with marketing agencies to help bring ideas to life.  We have extensive experience in event production, so we know much of what you're up against.  Plus we have decades of experience creating mural activities to engage attendees at events.  Call us to brainstorm about what message you want to send, and how you want to interact with the crowd.  We'd love to help!

Product Recommendations

Single-Use Tarp
These make sense for one time events, or for tours where you'd like to start fresh at every location.

Rollable Wipeable Tarp
These make sense if you'd like to reuse one mural for several events or a tour.

Thoughts on How to Use Them

What Kind of Business Clients Want This?

We've worked with hundreds of regional and national businesses that wanted to bring a family-friend to their activations. We've worked with grocery stores, banks, credit unions, insurance companies, restaurants, pet stores, national charities, professional sports teams, kids TV properties, kid-focused food products, kids books, car companies, motorcycle owners groups, utilities and power companies.

At What Kind of Events?

Mostly community festivals, but also national mobile marketing tours and stand-alone activations. We can offer "bulk discounts" for enough Single-Use Murals for every tour stop, or a Wipeable Mural that could be wiped off after each stop and used for the whole tour.

Our Design or Your Design?

We have hundreds of stock designs to start with, but starting in 2022, we're limiting our customization options.  We'll swap a few characters/buildings from our stock designs with items from another design, or you can have us draw a few characters/buildings to swap into a design.  And of course we can add full-color logos and huge text headlines to trumpet your messaging.  But we're not able to take on extensive scene building we've done in years past.

Or, if you'd like, you can submit your own design.  We'll have some suggestions regarding inclusions and complexity (you want more than "good design" rules would suggest), and we'd like to talk about strategy, exact sizing, and file formats before you get started, but we're glad to work with you.

Have Everyone Write a Message

We offer what we call "Signature-Message" murals, designed to encourage people to write a message, share a sentiment, share a story, or declare support.  At the end of the day, you have an immense melding of the sentiment of the crowd in a festive, colorful banner. Click here for more info.

Logistics and our Mural Stands

We're experienced in event production as well as mural design, so we can really help make your logistics work. We can work with you to figure out the best shipping schedule, what materials you're going to need along the way, how and when to reuse materials, when during your schedule you'll have a moment to assess your inventory, etc.

But our stands are our most helpful resource. Our stands are custom made to be lightweight, easy to transport, easy to modify to your custom size, and easy to use on-site. We offer long-term rentals if you have, say, 16 events over four months. Our stands break down into a carrying bag the size of a travel golf bag, so they can easily be shipped UPS, or trucked with your other equipment. Click here for more stand info.