Radio/TV Station

A Monster Mural is an excellent activity to have at large community events where your station has a presence. We can tell you what a great activity it is, what a warm-and-fuzzy vibe it creates, but NTR from sponsorship is it's best feature.

Product Recommendations

Single-Use Tarps
If you'd like one of our Wall-Size murals, most Radio/TV Stations opt for the Single-Use Tarp.  It comes in one piece, with grommets, so it's easy to move around AFTER the event, if you or a sponsor wants to trumpet their involvement.  We offer rental of our Mural Stand to make it a free-standing activity, so you can put the mural anywhere on your event site.

Table Size Coloring Sheets
Consider the Table Sheets when you need an easy and economical extra activity, especially if you just need a little something to keep the kids busy.  These are 7.5' x 2', on heavy-duty paper, so they roll up easily for storage and roll out easily for quick set-up.

Thoughts on How to Use Them

It's a Warm-And-Fuzzy, All-Ages, Great-Eye-Candy, High-Throughput Activity

Like you'd expect from the pictures, our murals make for a really warm-and-fuzzy activity area. Kids love the scale of the painting area, and parents forget how relaxing it is to pick up a paint brush (or marker). It's low-stress - you're not asking them to be creative - and they think it's pretty clever of you for giving them the chance to paint. And you'll be very surprised at how many different ages are attracted to it. It also has a great "stickyness" factor--that participants stick around long enough for product pitches, samples, etc.

Selling Sponsorships On The Mural

Here's the model that works best for our Radio & TV clients... You have a presence at a local community event. You plan to have one of our murals at the event, but you sell sponsorship spots on the mural to one of your clients—or several of your clients—raising more than the cost of the mural. You look good to the event for bringing in the activity, and to your clients for including them in such a warm-and-fuzzy activation.


Adding logos and big text headlines is the easiest part. We have hundreds of themes to choose from, and we can also do basic mixing and matching between designs, or even draw some new characters to better represent the event theme. We can add your station logo, and most importantly, your client logos. Scroll down for design examples.

Consider a "Support The Troops" Signature-Message Mural

For a July 4th event, Veteran's Day, or any other event with a patriotic connection, consider one of our Signature-Message style murals. These are designed to let hundreds of event attendees write a sentiment or share a story. You'll be gathering the sentiment of the community, which will be a powerful message by the end of the day.