Chamber, CVB or Downtown Organization

If you're a Chamber, CVB or Downtown Organization, you're involved in community special events.  You either put them on yourself, hire someone to put them on, consult with them, help connect them to sponsors and other resources, etc., etc., etc.

However you're involved, we hope you'll pass along our info to the right person.  A mural is a fantastic addition to your event.  It's highly visual—it's great "eye candy".  It brings a warm-and-fuzzy sentiment—having kids, parents, teens and seniors all paint or color together.  And it's a high-throughput activity—a mural can accommodate dozens of people at a time, and hundreds of people throughout your event day.  And it's a great sponsorship activation activity—businesses love having their name attached to activity like this.

Product Recommendations

Single-Use Tarp
These are the most common product for Community Festivals.  The mural comes to you in one piece, grommeted like a regular banner, and can be a free-standing activity with the use of our stand.

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Single-Use Paper
These will work if you have a wall, fence or side of a building to put it on.  It's much less expensive than the Tarp and Stand combination, provided you have the wall.  We've had some events tell us it made financial sense to build a simple plywood structure to make it work.

Table-Size Coloring Sheets
These are great for community events.  Just put Table Sheets out on 8' tables with crayons, and you have an activity area.  Lots of people can color at a time, and they take a long time to finish.  They're also great to hang after the event, or perhaps give to your event sponsors as a "Thank You" that they can hang in their store afterwards---like refrigerator art for the event.

Thoughts on How to Use Them

A Mural as a Sponsorship Activation Activity

Most of our festival clients find a business, or several businesses, to sponsor their mural. We can place full-color event and sponsor logos into the design, along with headline text.

Obviously, when you arrange the sponsor, we speak to you, and not directly to that business. But in the instances where businesses contact us directly to buy, they give us great reports on the mural as a sponsorship activation activity. They love the warm-and-fuzzy nature of the activity. They love that lots of age groups paint together. They love the "stickyness" factor—that people stick around long enough for product pitches, samples, etc.

How Can We Customize Your Design?

In 2022, we're limiting our customization options.  But know that we still have HUNDREDS of designs and themes to choose from.  We can add your full-color logos and big headline text. We can swap some characters from other designs into your design.  We can also draw characters to swap into your design.  

Are You Bringing Shoppers Downtown?

We have several different designs featuring downtown vignettes.  We can also draw a building or two to swap into one of our designs—but note that we can't take on significant new illustration to recreate your full downtown.

Wipeable vs. Single-Use Materials

Most community festivals opt for our Single-Use Tarps or Single-Use Paper murals, as they like to customize the mural with this year's theme, title, sponsors, etc. However, with our Wipeable materials, you can get a mural that you can reuse day-to-day, then reuse at the following year's event, and likely years past that. In this case, your mural sponsor(s) can get multiple years from their investment. (Or... See the next section to switch sponsors year-to-year on a Wipeable mural.)

Switching Sponsors Year-To-Year on Your Wipeable Mural

Here's an idea for getting fresh sponsorship dollars every year... We usually incorporate sponsor logos on a "signboard" within the design. We can create the logo portion---within the sign---to be a removable piece. Then next year, we can just print you a new logo piece to replace it. It would be printed of the same material, with a velcro attachment.