Company Party Planner

These are a great activity for a company party.  A mural is highly visual---it's great "eye candy".  It brings a very warm-and-fuzzy sentiment---having kids, parents, teens and seniors all paint or color together.  And it's a high-throughput activity---a mural can accommodate dozens of people at a time, and hundreds of people throughout your event day.  We can customize a mural with company logos, along with mural designs and headline text to trumpet the theme of the party.

Product Recommendations

Single-Use Tarp
If you would like a Wall-Size Mural, then our Single Use Tarp usually makes the most sense.  With the rental of our stand, this can be a free standing activity that you can place anywhere on your event site.  These work with  kids paint or kids markers.

Single-Use Paper
Our Single Use Paper is printed in sections, so you have a wall or a side of a building (or a really flat fence) to put it up on.  It's more economical than the Tarp and Stand combination above, but not as convenient, especially if your company party is out in a field.  But if you're indoors, in an area with wall space, this would be great.

Table-Size Coloring Sheets
Our Table Sheets are great for a small, quick, and easy-to-manage activity.  Just put Table Sheets out on 8' tables with crayons, and you have an activity area.  Lots of people can color at a time, and it takes a long time to finish them.  They're also great to hang around after the event, or perhaps give to your event sponsors as a "Thank You" that they can hang in their store afterwards---sort of like refrigerator art for the event.

Thoughts on How to Use Them

How Can We Customize?

Putting logos and big text headlines into a mural design is the easiest part.  We have hundreds of designs ready to go, or we can break apart our designs to mix and match the characters you'd like.  We can even draw new characters and buildings, so the mural can really represent the business of your client.  We've drawn several brands of automobiles, characters using products, and company buildings into designs.