Consumer Show

Are you looking for a fresh new idea for your show this year?  A Monster Mural can make for a huge and colorful visual, a great side activity for the kids, and a warm-and-fuzzy hook to get another sponsor.

Product Recommendations

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Single Use Paper
These will work only if you have a wall to put a mural on, and are OK with a Single-Use option.

Single Use Tarp
These will work well if you need a free-standing option, and are OK with a Single-Use option.

Rollable Wipeable Plastic
These make sense if you need a free-standing option, and want to be able to wipe the mural every day, and then use it for several more years.

Rigid Wipeable Plastic
These would work only if you have a wall to put it on, and want the wipeability and multi-year use.  The Rigid will last longer than our Rollable (the Rollable has adhesive joints that make it one-piece), but it doesn't work with our stand.  Just make sure you have a wall in the right place.

Table Size Coloring Sheets
Consider these if you'd like a smaller activity that's easy to manage.  Just put these out on rental tables with crayons.

Thoughts on How to Use Them

Do You Have A Wall? Or Do You Need Something Freestanding?

Every convention hall is different, and every show has a different flow, so you may or may not have a wall to put something on—that's in a good place for an activity. If you do, our Single-Use Paper is our most economical wall-size option, or check out our Rigid Wipeable for multi-day and multi-year use. If you don't have a wall, use our stand rental and Single-Use Tarp or Rollable Wipeable for a free-standing option to put anywhere.

Customized Designs

We can customize your mural with logos and huge text headlines to trumpet your messaging. 

However, starting in 2022, we're reducing our customization options.  We still have hundreds of designs and themes available, and we can do some basic mixing and matching of characters between designs.  Pick a design and you can tell us a few characters to remove, and what characters from other designs to bring in.  We can also do basic new illustration.  We can draw some new characters/buildings to swap into your designs—like characters using specific products, or a brand mascot/character.

Wipeable Murals vs. Single-Use Murals

We offer both Wipeable and Single-Use options. Consider our Wipeables if you'd like to wipe off your mural every day, so when you have multiple days you can start fresh each morning.  And remember you can use one of our Wipeables for many years.

Or use a Single-Use mural if you just want to work on a mural during your event, and display it afterwards, or perhaps let a sponsor take it back to their business to display.

Crayola Markers or Crayons (Instead of Paint)

Most indoor events opt for either using Crayola Markers (which work on our Wipeables and our Single-Use Tarps), or crayons (which work our Single-Use Paper or Table-Size Sheets). Paint is fun, but it's likely more messy than you want for this type of event.

Smaller Table-Size Coloring Sheets

Most photos on our site are of our Wall-Size options, but we also have Table-Size Coloring Sheets. Throw these onto 8' rental tables with crayons, and you have an activity area. Your sheet designs can be customized just like our bigger murals, with themes, headline wording, and full-color logos.