Other Products

Tessellation Puzzle and Exhibit

Tesselation... Think M.C.Escher, with the interlocking lizards, birds and fish. We have created huge puzzle pieces so that ALL AGES can see if they can figure out how to put them together. The pieces are colorable for the youngest ones-and wipeable for reuse.

Signature/Message Murals

Give everyone at your event an opportunity to share a sentiment, write a message, declare their support, share their actions, or declare "I was here". At the end of the day, you have a immense melding of the sentiments of the crowd, in a festive, colorful banner.

Really, Really Big Murals

These really large programs are completely customized to match the size you need, the graphics you want, and the interaction that suits your audience and your situation. We draw not only on our mural knowledge, but also our experience in event production to work with you to figure out the best program for your needs.

Murals in Line-Art Squares

For these, we print your design on the Single-Use Paper, cut the mural into hundreds of little squares, and put peel-off adhesive on the backs.  Then we provide as "Assembly Tarp" to stick the squares to.

Take Home Posters

Take home posters are a great, inexpensive item for your customers.