Signature/Message Murals

Give everyone at your event an opportunity to share a sentiment, write a message, declare their support, share their actions, or declare "I was here". At the end of the day, you have a immense melding of the sentiments of the crowd, in a festive, colorful banner.

Perfect if you

  • Want all your attendees to share a sentiment
  • Have a patriotic theme, or military bases nearby
  • Have a congratulatory, anniversary, or charity event


We have several ideas to start with, which you can view at the bottom of this page, or in the Design Search under the "Signature/Message" Tag. We have two ways to approach this type of design.

INDIVIDUAL AREAS - One method is to pick a few shapes that people could write in and/or color, and repeat those shapes hundreds of times. Sometimes we'll add characters or other items for people to color next to their writing. See some examples in the image gallery below. This method invites people to fill a specific shape, so it keeps the final look somewhat organized, while still being very vibrant and colorful.

LEAVE IT BLANK - The other method is to essentially leave huge areas somewhat blank for people to write as much or as little (or as big or as small) as they want. We'll often take shapes or logos and "watermark" them, so they're still part of the overall look, but they're light enough to write over.

Design Modifications

REARRANGING & RESIZING - If you have us do individual areas, we usually end up with 800 to 1000 shapes that are about 4" to 6" in size. If you'd like more or less of them, we can resize and rearrange to get pretty close.

CHARACTERS FROM OUR LIBRARY - We can pull in any characters, animals, flowers, buildings, etc. from any designs in our Design Search.

NEW ILLUSTRATION - We can also draw new items for your individual writing areas. For the Word On The Street design shown below, we drew little books for people to write what book they were reading. For the Komen design, we drew a card with their ribbon logo.


Most of the time, we can do Signature/Message designs for the same as our Stock Design Single Use Tarp price.

  • 20x6 Tarp: $949
  • 12x6 Tarp: $799

For new illustrations, we may need to add $40 to $100, depending on your request.

Design Samples

Additional Info

  • Savability

    We recommend markers for these murals, since you're writing, and also because any coloring areas is pretty small. Our regular Single-Use Tarp material works with most kids markers---except Sharpies. Although this material not quite as strong as vinyl, it should last as long as you need for indoor display after the event. But for a heavier-duty option, we can upgrade to vinyl. But with vinyl you'll need to use Sharpies.

    Stand Rental

    We offer rental of our Mural Stand, which will make this mural free-standing. The rental price of $175 includes 2-way shipping. The stand is of light-weight, heavy-duty aluminum tubing (like you'd find in a nice speaker stand). It will stand on its own, but MUST be tied down to ground stakes when used outdoors. If you are on hardtop, ask your tent vendor to bring another set of whatever they use for 20x20 tents.

    Markers & Vinyl Upgrade

    Most kids markers will work on our regular mural material---except for Sharpies. Sharpies are so aggressive, they break down the coating of our Single-Use Tarp material. If you'd like a heavier-duty material, or would just like to use Sharpies, we can switch to vinyl which works well with Sharpies.


    We ship UPS ground. Tarps usually ship in 32"x8" diameter tubes. Shipping costs are included in all prices on this page (including stand return). We usually ship for your packages to arrive 8 days before your start date. (ALL of our clients are events, and we have event experience as well, so we take this arrival date very seriously.)