Tessellation Puzzle and Exhibit

Perfect If You...

  • Would like a true Art & Math Educational Activity
  • Would like to give parents fun take home teaching tools
  • Would like a great big puzzle-for kids AND adults

What is Tesselation?

Tessellation is an art term (and a math term) for when a shape repeats while still interlocking. Think M.C. Escher with the interlocking birds, fish and lizards. With this exhibit, you can offer your attendees a glimpse into tessellation's history in architecture and tile work, basic "how to" graphics to show how you can make your own tessellations, and a huge puzzle for both kids AND adults---to see if they can visualize how it all fits together. The puzzle pieces are colorable, which will draw in your youngest participants.

Puzzle Pieces

We include approx 225 puzzle pieces for your attendees to play with and color. Pieces are approx 13"x7" and made of 1/8" or 1/4" plastic. The front side is printed with an outline of one of three imaginary characters we are highlighting in this exhibit. They have a velcro strip on the back so they will stick to our felt tarp. They can be colored, and then wiped.

Learning Exhibit

We've created an "Introduction to Tessellation" which shows some of the basic ideas that make tessellation work. It's full of easy-to-follow graphics and examples.

The underlying theme is that it's actually very easy to your own shapes that tessellate. But it's really difficult---an "art", you might say---to create shapes that tessellate that also look like birds, turtles, fish, etc. It's a mix of really coming up with imaginative shapes, but also imagining all the different possible outline shapes you can use for those birds, turtles, fish, etc.

We've created informational booklets, which you could give away. These are also great as a final hook for sponsorship activation. See the Take-Home Books link in the box to the right.

Prices and Rental Terms

Exhibit & Puzzle - $1000, plus shipping

Rental of approx 200 puzzle pieces, two round stands, six informational panels, six fuzzy velcro panels. We also supply crayons and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers---to clean off the puzzle pieces for reuse. All puzzle pieces need to be returned---we charge $5 each for lost pieces.

It ships in four cases. Freight averages $200 to $250 each direction.

Optional Take Home Books - $300 per 500 books


Additional Info

  • How to Color

    The puzzle pieces are coated with a laminate that allows pieces to be colored with regular crayons, then wiped clean later for reuse.

    Take Home Books & Sponsorship

    Based on demand from PARENTS at events, we offer take-home books featuring the tessellation ideas in the exhibit panels. These are great for parents and kids who want to play around more after the event.

    The books really add to the sponsorship activation appeal of the exhibit. Sponsors can stick their logo onto the booklets (sorry, they're already printed, so we can't pre-print logos on there) so the logo goes home with the families after the event.