Social Distancing Mural!

Connect Your Community with our "Mural In Sections" Program!

Give your community a chance to work together to make something big and beautiful, and share a message of support, encouragment and celebration!

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With our Mural In Sections, we'll give you hundreds of letter size sections (or half-letter-size sections) to distribute to your participants.  They can work separately (and safely!) but still give you a HUGE mural at the end...!  We've simplified the program to make it more affordable than ever.  Scroll down for pricing and inclusions.


flowers trimmed


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Who Does The Coloring...?

What group of people would you like to "bring together" with a mural program?  Your volunteers?  Kids in your virtual summer programs?  Your sponsors' employees?  Kids in the hospital?  We even have a nursing home client who's going to have their residents color the squares!


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Where Could You Put YOUR Mural...?

Do you have a big wall inside your rec center?  Or your city hall?  At a hospital?  How about on a BIG WINDOW?  We can work with you to fit the mural to the size you need.


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We can add logos and whatever wording you'd like!




Pricing -- $300 For The Base Program

•TOTAL SIZE - Up to 100 square feet--about 175 total letter-size sheets.  Add $50 to jump to 200 square feet.  Add another $50 to jump to 300 square feet.

•SECTION SIZE - Base program is for letter-size sections (8"x10.5" once the white is trimmed off), or 8"x5" half-letter-size.  We'll use heavy 32# laser paper.

•GRAYSCALE PRINTING - Basic price is only grayscale printing.  So if you want to include logos, they won't be color.  We may be able to turn your logo into lineart--email us a file to see.  Add $50 to have logos printed in color.

•MOUNTING - After coloring, tack or tape the sections onto a wall or window.  We'll embed a numbering system (A1, A2, B1, B2, etc.) within the lineart on each section.

•HELP WITH LOST SECTIONS - If some sections get lost, we'll help by sending a PDF of the missing pieces that you can print yourself.

•CHARACTERS AND DESIGNS - We have hundreds of characters and design in our Design Search.  Scroll down for examples and suggestions.

•NO COLOR DOTS - The basic program does not include “Color Dots” to suggest colors for your participants to use.  (The coloring will be unorganized, like the flower example above---but it’ll be super vibrant!)

•NO ASSEMBLY TARP - The basic program does not include an Assembly Tarp.

•NO ADHESIVE BACKING - The basic program does not include peel-off adhesive backing on the sections.

•NO MURAL STAND - The basic program does not include rental of a Mural Stand.


Options and Add-Ons

•COLOR - to add color printing, so your logo can be full color, add $50

•COLOR DOTS - to add color dots---that suggest what colors participants use, add $100 (you will also need the $50 above for the color printing.)  This makes the coloring of your final mural more organized.

•A BIGGER MURAL - Basic price is for a total mural size up to 100 square feet--about 175 letter-size sheets.  Add $50 to jump to 200 square feet.  Add another $50 to jump to 300 square feet.  

•SEPARATE PAGE FILES - In theory, we can provide you a separate PDF file for each letter-size section, which you could distribute for participants to print.  Call about possible issues and pricing. 

•ASSEMBLY TARP - to add a tyvek "Assembly Tarp"---a big blank tarp with a line grid and numbering system to put together your mural---add approx $3/sq foot.  Call or email for exact pricing.

•ADHESIVE BACKING - to add adhesive backing on all the coloring sections, add approx $1/sq foot.  Call or email for exact pricing.

•STAND RENTAL - stand rental is $200, which includes both inbound shipping and return shipping.  Stand works with 4' to 6' heights, and 8' to 20' lengths--in most 2' increments. 

•DIFFERENT SECTION SIZING - basic program pricing is for letter-size sections, or half-letter-size sections.  To do sections in another size, we'll likely have to go to more expensive wide format printing.  Call for more info.


Design Complexity

•We have hundreds of designs available in our Design Search.  But take a look at our suggestions below before you dive in.  (There's a link to the search after the examples!)

•We have a suggestion about COMPLEXITY...  Usually, for our walk-up-and-color murals, we like to make the designs fairly complex, so when people walk up to color, there are lots of small and interesting things to pick from.  However, with the Mural In Sections, we like to make the designs less complex.  And when you give people only a section of the mural, they really don't know what they're coloring anyway.

•Here are several example designs with less complexity than usual---less inclusions, less characters, etc.---plus an example of a mural after it's colored. 


1663 Farm


1670 Fireworks


1704 Animals


1 milwzoo full trim

NOTE that this Africa/Elephants mural had color dots, so the coloring is much more organized.


flowers cropped

And this flower mural had NO color dots, so the coloring is super vibrant, but unorganized.  Keep this in mind when you look at mural designs.

Design Search

We have hundreds of designs and characters sets!  

Search Our Designs


We Take Orders By Phone

If you'd like more information, or want to make an order, give us a call at 801-296-6644.  We'd love to hear about how you're thinking of distributing the sections and where you plan to put it up.  We may have some ideas to help!  Think about what you'd like for your design.  We can help you look through our Design Search, but take a look before you call.