Single Use Paper

Single-Use Paper is our most economical way to get a Wall-Size mural. They are printed in sections on a heavy-duty paper for you to tack or tape to a wall, fence, side of a building.  These work well with kids paint or with crayons, but they do not work well with markers.

Perfect if you:

  • Want a Single-Use Mural and have a wall, fence or side of a building to mount it
  • Would like the least expensive Wall-Size option
  • Are willing to cover the mural if it rains


Stock Designs

Pick one of our "Single-Use Stock Designs", and we'll include your text headline and your full color logos in the corners.

  • 12'x6' Paper: $539
  • 20'x6' Paper: $619

Combine & Rearrange

We can rearrange a design, remove or resize characters, and pull in things from other designs. We can also enlarge your logo and place it more "within" the scene.

  • 12'x6' Paper: $689
  • 20'x6' Paper: $769


There are several different areas in our design search.  There's "Single-Use Stock Designs" with just the designs available at the lower price, and "All Wall Designs" with all our designs---if you're upgrading to the combine and rearrange price.  The Design Search page lets you choose which area to explore.   

Search Our Designs

New Illustration

We can draw any items you'd like to add to your mural design.  You can send us photos of buildings, statues, local landmarks, people, uniforms, etc. We'll place these new characters in with our others to create the scene of your choosing.  In most cases, New Illustration adds $150 to the price of your mural.  Call with your ideas to get a quote. 

Learn more about New Illustration

Use Paint or Crayons

These work with just about any kids paint or crayons, but they don't work well with markers.  Click the link to the right for more info about paint/crayon usage and purchase.

Additional Info

  • Paper Info, Sections and Mounting

    20x6 Single Use Paper is delivered in 6 sections of 10'x2'--so a top left and right, a middle left and right, and a bottom left and right.  The 12x6 Single Use Paper is delivered in 3 sections--just a top, middle and bottom. Paper is very heavy-duty, but not waterproof.

    The Single-Use Paper needs a wall, fence or side of a building to mount it to.  A fence should be mostly solid (especially for crayons) and not too much wind blowing through it.

    We include jumbo push pins with your order.  These work well when mounting onto wood.  For other surfaces, consider tape.  We have a heavy-duty double stick tape for $12 that sticks to most smooth concrete surfaces.


    Because it's in sections, and because it's paper, once you paint the Single-Use Tarp, it's not easy to move and rehang.  However, if colored with crayons, it's fairly straightforward.

    How Long Do They Take To Paint...?

    We tell people "a day to a day-and-a-half".  But this depends heavily on attendance, and the traffic in the area. We've heard of high-attendance events with the mural in a high traffic area get less than a day, and we've heard of some events with the mural in low traffic areas get a week.

    In multi-day, high traffic scenarios, consider cordoning off the area to limit participation somewhat, or consider duplicate prints or our new reusable murals.

    Paint Supplies and Crayons

    We offer a "Full Paint Kit" for $135, which includes 13 bottles of Crayola Paint (16 oz), 96 little paint brushes, 500 little paper "ketchup cups"--which are an easy distribution method, 6 metal muffin pans (which are handy to organize the ketchup cups), a water spray bottle (to help keep the paint from drying out), plastic cups, some handi-wipes, and shipping.  (NOTE---we mix 5 of the paint colors ourselves, to get colors Crayola doesn't offer.  Those are in different looking  bottles.)

    Or we offer just the 13 bottles of paint for $60.  That's just the paint and shipping.

    We also offer crayons.  144 crayons (12 each of 12 colors) for $16.

    Shipping to US and Canada

    We ship all of our US orders by UPS Ground, and shipping is included in the Single-Use Paper prices.  We usually ship for orders to arrive 8 days before your event date---usually the Friday that's a week ahead of your event weekend.

    For Canadian orders, we send most orders through the postal service, as they seem not to charge customs brokerage fees.  Add USD $25 to Single-Use Paper orders, and USD $25 to each paint supply box.

    Duplicate Prints

    If you'd like a second or third copy of your Single-Use Paper, we usually offer duplicates for $300 each, when ordering them all at the same time.

This video doesn't show the Single Use Paper---it just shows how the painting works.