A Message from Founder Collin Surles

This is Collin Surles, founder of The Monster Mural. If you're reading this, there's a good chance we've met or talked during my 23 years running The Monster Mural. As you can imagine, Covid was devastating to the business, so much so that I took the chance to redefine my goals and redirect my professional life. The Monster Mural has been immensely rewarding. Not only was it a fun way to spend a workday, but it was great to work with so many enthusiastic and committed event people.

Rather than selling the business, our long-time manufacturing company, SugarHouse Industries, is officially taking the reins. We've worked hand-in-hand with Sugarhouse since our beginning, working together to develop and refine our different mural types along the way, so I know the business is in excellent hands. They understand the ins and outs of the products, and share my commitment to comprehensive customer service. They'll make the transition as seamless as possible.

Again, I appreciate your business and friendships over the years and hope that you will continue being a customer of The Monster Mural for many years to come.

Collin Surles



The phone service is still being moved over, so please email for orders or questions:  orders@monstermural.com

We still offer Wall-Size Murals, in three different material types (we've discontinued Single-Use Paper).  We still have hundreds of designs, and offer some character and background substitutions, but we're discontinuing the "laundry list" mural compositions and custom new illustration we've offered in the past.

Our Table Size Coloring Sheet programs remain unchanged, but please email to order instead of using our website.  Our stand rental and purchase programs are still available.  Here are more details:


Single-Use Tarps:

•For the lowest price point, we still have HUNDREDS of Stock Designs available.  We'll still put your headline text at the top, and your full-color logos up in the corners.  

•For the second price point, we still offer LIMITED substitution of characters and background items.  Click HERE for more info.

•New Illustration is not available at this time.

Rollable and Rigid Wipeable:

•Limited character and background substitution is included with our Wipeable murals.  Click HERE for more design info.  

•New Illustration is not available at this time.

Table-Size Sheets:

•Uncustomized Sheets are still available.  HOWEVER, the Design Search is now located in a different place on the site.  Access it through the Table Size Sheets page, or else CLICK HERE.

•Customized Table Sheets are not available at this time.

•New Illustration is not available at this time.