Rollable Wipeable Plastic

Our Rollable Wipeable Plastic offers wipeability, with the ease of being able to roll it up to move it to different event locations. The Rollable has grommets like a regular banner, and it works with our Mural Stand to make it a freestanding activity. Life span can be three to four or more years, with proper storage and wiping a day or two after every use.

Perfect if you:

  • Want a Wipeable Mural and need a free-standing option
  • Have several different events in different parts of town


Prices for our Wipeables include Combine-and-Rearrange design customization---where we can reach in and shift-and-shuffle or mix-and-match characters and items from several different designs. Headline text and full-color logo placement is included.

  • 8'x5' Rollable:   $1100    (plus shipping)
  • 12'x5' Rollable: $1225    (plus shipping)
  • 16'x5' Rollable: $1349    (plus shipping)  This is our most common size!
  • 20'x5' Rollable: $1475    (plus shipping)

New Illustration

We can draw any items you'd like to add to your mural design.  You can send us photos of buildings, statues, local landmarks, people, uniforms, etc.  We'll place these new characters in with our others to create the scene of your choosing.  More info about New Illustration.

  •  Add $150 (usually).  Call with your requests to get a firm quote.

Prices in USD.  We usually ship UPS Ground. Paint or markers are not included--but they ARE available if you'd like. Call or email for info. Prices do not include the rental or purchase of our Mural Stand.

Stand Rental or Purchase

The mural stand shown is not included in the mural prices. Stand Rental ranges from $200 to $250 for continental US locations, which includes both inbound and return shipping. Rental is $275 to $300 (USD) to Canadian locations, which also includes two-way shipping.  Stand rental is available to HI and AK, but very expensive.

Stand Purchase ranges from $700 to $845, depending on size and shipping destination.

Click here for more info


It's very likely we have a design to match your theme! And if we don't, we probably have characters and backgrounds in different designs that we could pull together for you.  Click below to get to our Design Search. Pick a category, or else type in specific keywords in the search bar. Give us a call if you'd like help searching, or if you'd like to talk about mixing and matching.

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Wipeability with Paint or Markers

These work with either Crayola Brand Washable Markers, or Crayola Brand Washable Paint.  Both wipe off with water and sponge, or a hose with a trigger sprayer (but don't use a pressure washer!)  We recommend wiping the mural at the end of every day for the longest product life.  Click the link to the right more info about usage and purchase.


Additional Info