Table-Sized Coloring Sheets

Our Table Sheets are inexpensive solution for a smaller, easier to manage coloring activity. Put them on a table top, or tack them to a wall for easy coloring fun!  You can choose from quick and easy stock designs, or have us customize a design just for your event.   Sheets are 7.5' x 2'.

Perfect If You:

  • Want a coloring activity for less than our Wall-Size Murals
  • Have lots of smaller events and activities through the year
  • Need a quick-and-easy activity to pull out on short notice

Limited Time Home Coloring Special!

These days cooped up at home are getting long, and we could ALL use more activities!  We're offering a special on three new designs to help brighten your days.  Just $21 for 60"x24" of coloring fun!  (These are slightly smaller than our usual 90"x24" Table Sheet size.  They're still printed on our super heavy-duty paper, which works well with crayons, colored pencils or oil pastels--but sorry, they're not all that great with markers.)  

Click Here to see the three special designs.  

Use the COUPON CODE "HOME" on the Shopping Cart page to get the special price.  Limit three discounted sheets per customer.


Click Here to purchase the special Text Customization!

For an extra $10, we'll put the text you'd like on your Table Sheets.  Have the animals say "Hi!" to your kids or tell your kids by name to "Hang In There!"


Discounted UPS SurePost shipping is $8 to the continental US.  Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and APO/FPO are slightly more.  Canada is our usual $28 Priority Mail--which avoids having to engage a customs broker.


Uncustomized Sheets

Choose any number of our different designs for your order.  There is no minimum order quantity.  There are no text or logo options at these prices.  You can order these online---there are "Add To Cart" buttons next to each design on the Design Search page.

  • 1-4 Sheets: $41/sheet
  • 5-8 Sheets: $38/sheet
  • 9 or more Sheets: $36/sheet

Customized Sheets

We can rearrange a design, remove or resize characters, and pull in things from any other designs. We'll incorporate logos and text headlines. There is a three sheet minimum order.  You CANNOT order these online---please call to order.

  • 3-5 Sheets: $56/sheet
  • 6-8 Sheets: $50/sheet
  • 9 or more Sheets: $44/sheet

NOTES--We need to print three sheets of each customization. So for 3 sheets we'll do one customization. For 6 sheets, we'll do two customizations. For 9 sheets, we'll do three customizations, etc. Call for more info.  Prices in USD.  Add $15 for box and UPS Ground shipping to continental US locations.  Add $32 for box and postal service to most Hawaii, Alaska, and Canadian locations.  Call for a quote on larger quantities.  Crayons not included.

Uncustomized Designs

We have several hundred Uncustomized Designs ready to go.  The Design Search page will give you three tabs---click into "Our Small Table-Size Designs".  There should be an "Add To Cart" button next to each design.  (And again, this is only to order Uncustomized Sheets.  Call if you want to Customize.)

Seach Table Size Designs

Customized Designs

For Customized Designs, we have even more designs and character sets to choose from.  Since we're moving characters around anyway, you can pull charaters from BOTH our Table Size Designs and/or our bigger Wall-Size Designs.  The Design Search page lets you choose which library to search--but note that there are MORE design in the Wall-Size Design library.  We can also add logos and/or headline wording.  Here are some examples:

Picture 174
Here, the client took an existing Table Sheet design and just had us add a logo.

Picture 66
Here the client took an existing Table Sheet design and had us add headline text and a logo in box in the corner.

Picture 10
Here the client started with a Wall Size Design showing a neighborhood, had us add characters from a "festival" design, string lights from a jazz design, face-painting from another design,  Chicago skyline from another.

Design Search Page

New Illustration

We only offer very limited New Illustration with Table Sheet orders.  We can draw a few characters or buildings or things to swap into your customized design.  But we don't offer the large scale new scenes that we offer with our Wall-Size Murals.  Call us if you'd like to hear more.


Table Sheets work best with crayons. Markers don't write well on the material. And although paint works, you end up with the issue of kids leaning onto the painted surface, or putting their hands and elbows in it.


Additional Info