New Illustrations

With our capacity changes in 2022, we're still offering LIMITED New Illustration, essentially drawing replacement characters/buildings/animals to swap into existing designs. 

•Pick a design, tell us what characters/buildings/animals you'd like replaced with a New Illustration, and email us photos of the things you'd like drawn.  We can draw specific people, doing specific activities, wearing specific outfits.  We can draw specific types of animals.  Just send us photos---large enough photos that an illustrator can see enough detail.  6" to 10" wide on screen is a good size range.

•We add an upcharge to bring in an illustrator to draw your new items.  The fee could start at $50 for one or two items, up to $250 or more for a long list, or items with lots of detail, but our average is $150 to $200 total.

•Note that for Single-Use Tarps and Paper, New Illustration fees are over and above the second "Combine & Rearrange" price point.  

•New Illustration is not available for Table Sheet orders.