How to Build Designs

builddespageStarting in 2022, we're changing our customization options somewhat.  We still have hundreds of designs for you to choose from, and similar customization options a years past, but with limitations on how extensive we can get. Here are our three options:

  • Option #1: Choose a Stock Design—with your headline and logos
  • Option #2: Basic Mixing & Matching of characters
  • Option #3: Draw a few New Illustrations to swap into your design

(How much do these cost...? It depends on mural type, size, and customization level. Check out the information below, then check out the “Wall Size Murals” pages for specifics.)


Option #1: Stock Designs

stockdesigns 01We have hundreds and hundreds of designs to choose from. Click into our Design Search, and search by Category or Keyword.

We’ll add your headline text and your full color logos in the upper corners.

(This option only applies to Single Use Tarps and Single Use Paper. The next Combine & Rearrange customization level is included with the Wipeables.)

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Option #2: Combine and Rearrange

combinedesigns 01Find a design that you like, then you can tell us a few items to remove, and items to bring in from another design. In this example, we swapped the llama for the cow, the selfie girls for the two donut kids, the roller coaster for the rides, etc.

For 2022, we'll swap characters and buildings in this one-for-one process, but we can't take on extensive scene building like we've done in years past.


(Note: This is included with the Wipeable murals, but is the second price point for the Single Use murals.)

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Option #3: Have Us Draw New Illustration

newillustration 01Starting in 2022, we're limiting the scope of our New Illustration. Pick your design, pick a few characters or a building you'd like to swap out, and send photographs of the items you'd like drawn to replace them.

We can't take on extensive scene building we've offered in years past.

(Note: This is an additional upcharge, even for the Wipeable murals. Price varies from $100 to $250, depending on number of items and their complexity. Email photos and we’ll quote a price.)

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