Mural Stand Rental or Purchase

For our mural clients, we're glad to offer our Mural Stand for either rental or purchase.  Our stand is an easy way to make a mural a free-standing activity, so you can place it anywhere on your event site.


It's made from the same light-weight, heavy-duty aluminum tubing and connectors that you'd find in a high-quality speaker stand.  It breaks down easily into a carrying bag that's about the size of a travel golf bag.  It'll fit in the back seat of most cars.  It weighs about 45 pounds when packed, so one person can carry it.

Which Mural Products?
Our stand only works with our Single-Use Tarps and our Rollable Wipeable Plastic.

Outdoor Use on Grass
We provide heavy-duty straps and "curly cue" ground stakes.  You MUST use the straps and stakes for ANY outdoor use.  Use two stakes on one end, two on the other end, with one a little forward, and one a little back, to create the same geometry as when you set up a volleyball net.  When adequately strapped to solid ground anchoring, the mural/mural stand will work on a moderately windy day.

Outdoor Use on Hard Top
If you're using the mural on hard top, and can't use ground stakes, you need to provide FOUR heavy tie points---like 5-gallon concrete buckets, or cinderblocks.  If you do not have anything handy, ask your tent vendor to bring FOUR of whatever they use to secure a 20x20 tent.

DON'T Just Use Sandbags on the Feet
It seems easier to just put sandbags on the feet, but this can cause a safety concern.  With our strapping system described above, when the wind blows against the mural, the entire system shifts an inch or two.  If you forgo the straps, and just secure the feet, when the wind blows against the mural, you're TRYING to break the elbow joints that keep the rest of the mural stand attached to the feet. 

Indoor Use
This stand works well indoors---and by "indoors" we mean any place that's out of the wind. If you're out of the wind, you do NOT need to strap it to ground stakes. It stands fine all by itself, even with people painting/coloring on it.


Stand Rental

We offer our stand rental as a convenience to our mural clients. We only rent to clients who are buying, or have bought, a mural from us. We only rent to clients within the US and Canada.

Rental Fee

For continental US clients, the rental fee varies based on your location, and usually ranges between $250 and $300—which includes two way shipping.  Canadian rental ranges from $300 to $350 (USD) and includes two way shipping.

Rental Duration

Rental is for the duration of your event---usually one or two weeks. If you need the stand longer, or for more events within a month or two, we can usually accommodate your request with only a moderate fee increase, provided it's outside of our May/June high season.  If you'd like a longer rental, email us your situation and we'll quote a price.

Stand Return Process

Within the US, we'll send UPS back to your office a day or two after your event date. We'll check with you first to make sure it's ready.


We do offer stand rental to Canada.  Price usually falls between $300 and $350 (USD), which includes our rental fee, inbound shipping, return shipping, and the customs fees on during return shipping.  On the inbound shipping, you'll have customs fees on your entire shipment.


Stand Purchase

We offer stand purchase as a convenience to our mural clients.  We only sell to clients who are buying, or have bought, a mural from us.  We can likely ship a stand anywhere in the world.

Flexible Sizing

The stand is modular, so it can be used in many different sizing configurations. Use three crossbars to make a 12' wide stand, four crossbars to make a 16' wide, and all five crossbars to make a 20'.  The uprights are telescoping, so in theory you can adjust the height to anywhere between 4' to 6'.

Stand Prices
Our standard stand sizes are 12' wide, 16' wide and 20' wide.  The stand will accommodate both 5' and 6' heights, but note that we usually "mark" the telescoping uprights to be the height of the mural you purchase.

  • 12' wide   $750   (plus shipping)
  • 16' wide   $850   (plus shipping)
  • 20' wide   $900   (plus shipping)

Prices are in US$.  Price includes nice padded carrying bag, four curly-cue ground stakes, and eight heavy-duty straps. (Note: The carrying bag is optional--you can deduct $150 if you don't want it.) 


Links To Instructions

RENTAL Stand Instruction Poster (PDF)


PURCHASED Stand Instruction Poster - 12' Wide
PURCHASED Stand Instruction Poster - 16' Wide
PURCHASED Stand Instruction Poster - 20' Wide
PURCHASED Stand Refurbishment Instructions